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This is Us

Hi Friends, my name is Amiee!

My passion has always been about helping other people to achieve their goals & dreams. I think it's why I decided over 15 years ago I would  leave the corporate world and go into business for myself online. I then could do the two things I loved most; helping other people and shopping.

I have had several online businesses throughout my journey, but this one is by far the most challenging and so rewarding too. I got into the Cricut/sublimation world in 2019. I was so excited to learn and I bought everything they recommended - so so many blanks. I hated that you had to buy such large amounts of product to get a good deal. I quickly got completely overwhelmed with everything and deciding what to buy or not to buy. That’s when I realized, if I'm overwhelmed with all the choices then that meant other people had to be too. This realization lead to the creation of my monthly club SURPRISE box to give people a chance to test, try, and discover what products they wanted to add to their business before buying in bulk. I also wanted to be able to give a discount as a perk for being a monthly club member and before I knew it Sub This & That was brought to life.

We are excited to offer trending, quality products at affordable prices to help grow your business. We work very hard to find the best quality products for our customers. Customer service is our number one priority. We always strive to make your buying experience the best it can be here at Sub This & That. We are excited to offer products so you can design* create* and Inspire others.

As always thank you for supporting our small business so we can help to grow  yours.