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    Cutting Board / Trivet

    • 11 X 8 Inches
    • Glass


    STEP 1: Trim excess blank paper from non-mirrored, printed transfers
    to leave 2” of white space around your cutting-board-shaped, full-bleed graphic.
    This makes it easier for the transfer paper and image
    to conform to the slightly-beveled edges of the cutting board.
    Use at least 1/8” bleed on each side to better ensure your graphic hits all edges.
    STEP 2: Set towel/pad centered on the bottom platen of your open heat press.
    Then place 1 sheet of blowout paper on top of the towel/pad.
    STEP 3: Lay your trimmed transfer image side up
    (last chance to make sure you did not mirror print the transfer.)
    STEP 4: Place cutting board coated side down facing the transfer.
    STEP 5: Take your time aligning the cutting board to your graphic.
    Secure two of the transfer’s edges to the top of the cutting board using small pieces of heat tape.
    STEP 6: On the top, place over the cutting board 1 sheet of blow-out paper larger than the board.